Mississauga, Ontario, January 01, 2017

A New Sweet Combination

It’s the Werther’s You’ve Been Waiting for...


Introducing new Werther’s Original Soft Éclairs Caramels. Our newest variety offers a moment of escape with its silky, smooth, decadent, luxurious chocolaty filling that is surrounded by soft caramel. This first time candy combination of caramel and chocolate flavours ranks top spot in terms of preference with Canadian consumers. It’s the Werther’s you’ve been waiting for. Now available in grocery and retailers nationwide.

About Werther's Original

Candy-maker Gustav Nebel first introduced his delicious, iconic caramel recipe in 1909 in the small European village of Werther, Germany. Using only the best ingredients - real butter, fresh cream, white and brown sugars, a pinch of salt and a lot of time – he created a treasure worthy of being wrapped in gold and named the candy Werther’s Original in honour of his village. Crafting this smooth creamy caramel became a family tradition handed down through generations.

Today, Werther’s Original comes in several varieties, from hard, chewy, soft and filled caramels and even in no sugar added. People all over the world enjoy the unique taste of Werther’s Original.