Fun fruit-flavoured chews

Mamba has been popular around the world for over 70 years! Mamba fruit-flavoured chews are a delicious treat, and a great way to take a break! They are available in a range of Mamba-licious varieties and are perfect for sharing.

What’s your favourite flavour?


The juicy, fruity flavours you know and love are now available in more varieties & formats. Find these chewy, fruity treats now with a new Mamba-licious recipe for more fun, and more chewiness!

Disclaimer: Flavours may vary per pack

70 years of Mamba


Mamba expands

For 10 years in Canada, these chews have delivered a Mamba-licious experience in the shape of a classic brick. In 2023, Mamba expands by launching Magic Sticks and a new Fruit Chew recipe available in a twist-wrapped format for more variety, more fun, and more flavours!


Mamba chews launches in Canada

The delicious, affordable treats launches in Canada with 4 flavours: Strawberry, Raspberry, Orange, and Lemon. The fruity chews are perfect for sharing and enjoyed by all!


Mamba discovers the world

Mamba successfully launches in the US in 1986, followed in the 1990s by other major markets such as Poland and Russia where Mamba becomes one of the most popular chewy candy brands.

Mamba 1986: Mamba discovers the big wide world


Mamba launches in Germany

This small fruit chew became an immediate hit due to its delicious fruity taste and affordable price.

Mamba 1953: Mamba launched on the German market.