The long-lasting, chewy, chocolaty treat

Enjoyed aroud the globe, RIESEN was Germany's first branded candy. For double chocolate indulgence that lasts and lasts, all you need is one good RIESEN. Because under its rich European Chocolate is delicious long lasting chewy chocolaty caramel.


Dark chocolate on the outside, rich chocolaty caramel on the inside – RIESEN is a specially long-lasting chewy treat. The inimitable, intensively chocolaty taste comes from the special blend of carefully selected Gavoa cocoa beans.

From "Storck's 1 Penny RIESEN" to today: the history of Germany's first candy brand.
From "Storck's 1 Penny RIESEN" to today: the history of Germany's first candy brand (RIESEN means "giant" in German).


Launch in Canada

The long-lasting, chewy, chocolaty RIESEN launches in Canada with a TV campaign.


A new chocolaty taste!

A new look and even more taste: in 1999, RIESEN refreshed its packaging design to help emphasize its intensive, chocolaty taste.


From 1 Penny to 2 Penny

With its success, the candy was rebranded "2 Penny RIESEN" and became available in new flavours (e.g. chocolaty caramel).

RIESEN 1949: 1 Penny, 2 Penny


RIESEN – Germany's first candy brand

Hugo Oberwelland introduced Germany's first candy brand in 1934: "Storck 1 Penny RIESEN", an individually wrapped caramel candy.

RIESEN 1934: RIESEN - a huge story