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When did Mamba launch?

The popular and cheerful fruit chew brand Mamba has been on the German market since 1953. It launched in Canada in 2013.

Are Mamba products gluten and lactose free?

Yes, based on the current recipe, Mamba products are gluten and lactose free.

Do the products contain genetically modified ingredients?

We do not use genetically modified ingredients to manufacture our products.

Do Mamba products contain animal products?

Yes, Mamba products contain gelatin (from beef) as an ingredient.

How would I know that it includes gelatin?

All ingredients can be found in the ingredients list on the product packaging.

Why does Mamba now contain gelatin?

During consumer tests, we found that the majority of consumers favoured Mamba products with gelatine. They said that it improved chewing intensity and taste. Therefore, by changing the Mamba recipe, we are following consumer preferences. Consumers describe the recipe change as an improvement in taste and sensory quality.

Where and when will Mamba be available again without gelatin?

A Mamba recipe without gelatin is not currently planned.


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Information on Product Complaints

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